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Cancellation Policy: For private and small group sessions, you must cancel with 24 hours notice or the tutoring fee will still be applied. If you miss a larger course session, there are no makeup sessions.

Payment Policy: Online lessons need to be paid at least 3 days before the scheduled session. TITLE

Membership Process:  Please fill out and 'submit' the form below and then make your payment.  Access to your membership login area will be available within a short time upon payment. Thank you.

Please use the Credit Card Information space provided on the payment page.


Thank You


Feel Free To Contact Us!  If you have questions regarding

​the One Minute Educator Club,  ​we'd love to hear from you!


One Minute Educator Club








Director and Lead Facilitator of Grade Success, Inc., Marc Hoberman has developed quick, easy to use lessons that will help teach children, students and adults in a fast and effective manner.  


The first One Minute Educator video series was developed after years of demonstrating the benefits of “quick hit” strategies that complement a teacher’s lessons by assisting in retention and recall. Using simple tactics like quick drills and acronyms, Marc'’s One Minute Educator series assures easy absorption and retention of the skills that will make your child successful in school and beyond!


As a One Minute Educator Member you will have access to ALL educational and training videos as well as receiving promotional coupons and specials throughout the year!  Your membership entitles you to access ANY video ​ANY TIME at home or on the go on any mobile device. ​​

​Become A One Minute Educator Club Member
To Watch Any/All Flash Learning Series Videos!


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